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Bisexual hookup sites were once an underserved niche in the realm of hookup sites. Today, with people being much better educated on the subject of the LGBTQ community, this is no longer the problem. The Internet is swarmed with all kinds of online resources specifically designed to cater to the needs of LGBT individuals, including bisexual adults. There are themed blogs and designated forums, online periodicals, and sites that provide these men and women with a secure and friendly environment to meet, chat, arrange a real-life date and build relationships.

Why are Bisexual Hookup Sites Popular These Days?

Many people mistakenly believe that bisexual individuals have double the usual dating options available to them, whereas it only means more confusion and rejection. Even if you are open about your bisexual orientation, not everyone takes it seriously, and often you would be seen as hesitant or adventure-seeking. It is, therefore, simpler to dive online and go to a bisexual hookup website specifically designed for people who share the same interests and views. Luckily, there is no shortage of those.

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Who Uses Bi Sex Sites?

Bi hookup sites are used by adult men and women who identify as bisexual individuals. It usually means that they:

  • are sexually attracted to partners of both genders;
  • fall in love with people of a specific gender but enjoy having sex with both;
  • are interested and attracted to women differently that to men;
  • do not care which gender the partner is as long as they are attracted to him/her.

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Do Such Sites Use Data About Users for Bad Purposes?

Each online dating platform designed for the bisexual community has its merits and downsides. Some take a great deal of care to protect their users’ privacy, while others let a lot of things slide, and, of course, there are scam sites specifically created to steal their members’ personal information.

It is essential to take your time and do proper research to choose a hookup site that you can completely trust in protecting your privacy. All of the reviewed bisexual dating sites and apps offer an adequate-to-excellent level of security, so you can be confident that no one is going to abuse your trust here.

Our Recommendations for Bisexual Acquaintances

People who are looking to date bisexuals need to learn a few basic things if they want their flirting attempts to stand a chance of success.

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  1. Do not be quick to jump to assumptions. It is important to remember that bisexual does not mean promiscuous. Similar to straight men and women, bisexual individuals do not get in bed with everyone to whom they are attracted. It is perfectly OK for some women to identify as bisexuals while never having slept with other girls (the same can be said for bi men).
  2. Do not take bisexual women for down-low lesbians. It is an insult for any bisexual woman who is open about her sexual preferences to assume that she secretly wants to be with other women but is too weak and scared to admit this. Even if a bi woman is currently engaged in a relationship with a female partner, it does not mean she stops being bisexual and becomes a lesbian. She can still be attracted to the opposite sex.
  3. Do not think that bi women are more unfaithful. It is a common myth that has stigmatized bisexual women and made their lives much more complicated. There is not a single study, which would prove that bisexual women tend to cheat on their partners any more often than straight women, men, gays, lesbians, gender-fluid individuals, or anyone else. At the end of the day, you are not cheating on the orientation but the person.
  4. Do not ask a bi girl to pick a side. They will not because they can’t. You either will accept this, or your relationship is not going to last.